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XHeath Lab
A process of collective imagination (2019) A flat-pack paper relief - part of the set of XHealth Lab II
Known Knowledge
An Installation
A Design Game
Photos of XHealth Lab II (2019)
A Stage for Collective Imagination
XHealth Lab (eXtreme Health Lab) can be called an installation, a stage, or a design game. The lab is a non-judgemental space for designing health futures in space. As an installation, it engages with an audience of tentativeness and curiosity. As a design game, it engages players of some futures. As a stage, it engages performers of imagination. XHealth Lab (I*, II) are two of the manifestations of an 18-month exploratory research on Designing for Healthcare in Space at the Royal College of Art.
Participatory speculative design
From the vantage point of the present, the futures are, by definition, plural. They are alternatives, conceptualised by existing and existed human beings, for example, strategic foresight practitioners and speculative designers. From the set of alternatives, ideas about desirable futures are derived. But who decides the set of alternatives that forms the basis of further deliberations, especially in the face of unknown-unknowns? An 18-month design research project, entitled “Designing for Healthcare in Space”, has been conducted to develop a methodology for participatory future studies with non-experts, given a complex and high-stake context in an extreme environment. What does it mean to efficiently conduct productive futures studies in the face of unknowns with non-experts? The study does not reject expertise per se, however, it does explore how to conduct futures studies with non-experts. As well as XHealthLab (I, II), the Collective Imagination Framework (CIF) [2] and the notion of Imperfect Experts [1] were developed at and published with the Royal College of Art. The works continue to evolve through practices at studio andnand.
REFERENCES [1] Pau, Stephanie and Hall, Ashley, 2020, Journal Article, New spaces for healthcare futures studies: Connecting existing theory to deeper participatory practice Futures, 126. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0016-3287 [2] Pau, Stephanie and Hall, Ashley, 2020, Book Section, Beyond speculation: Using imperfect experts for designing the collective futures of healthcare for space In: Christer, Kirsty, Craig, Claire and Chamberlain, Paul, (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Design4Health, Amsterdam, 2020. Lab4Living, Sheffield, UK, pp. 45-54. ISBN 978-1-8381117-0-0 * XHealth Lab I was part of the Design Research for Change showcase at the London Design Fair 2019 and is covered in the accompanying book edited by Paul A. Rodgers.
All of the images on this page, except from logos, are from XHealthLab II (2019). These photos without people are licenced under CC-BY-SA, to use any of them, credit: XHealthLab II (2019) created and photographed by Stephanie Pau @whereisfuture
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