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Travel Though Texture to Parallel Realities By Stephanie Pau and Nina Runa Essendrop
“ Let’s travel together. It has been a while since we were engulfed in a global event that has flattened and fragmented our world. It is time to explore again. It is time to sense in multi-dimension again. It is time to get together again. Travel Through Texture to Parallel Realities is an abstract larp with a twist of craft. Gently, through intuitive crafting, touch, sound and poetic language, we create small worlds in which we explore, shifting focus between playing as characters and as the changing and evolving worldscapes. What kind of exploration awaits in these alternative world-scapes? Only our hands will know, perhaps - when we let them think through touch, absorbing tactile knowledge from textures of the landscape we conjure. As the larp progresses, the collaborative elements become stronger allowing our individually-created worldscapes to juxtapose, meld, dilute and absorb and our characters to meet, attune and explore collectively in parallel realities. ”
A short introduction Travel Through Texture is a larp about creating and exploring realities constructed through materials that each player brings. The stories of the personal worlds, the world of worlds and the characters who explore them are intuitively created and flow seamlessly from one state to another. It is an intuitive and dreamlike journey where players can create and play as shifting characters and the world they live within. Dreamlike in both time, space and role. Dreamlike worlds can be many things at the same time. The different perspectives are equally real; there is no competition for a single truth. After all, parallel realities are parallel. The larp is based on a series of online workshops called Thinking with Hands.
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