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Thinking with Hands
journey through...
intuitively crafted artefact(s) - perhaps a landscape, a fragment, and/or a scene. No talking required.
Are these stories of the futures? Or the present?
Lockdown happened in 2020. Zoom, zoom and more zoom. Exhausting. Get out, lean in or... just play with the constraints of online conference settings. Maybe sitting "together" to craft is a good idea, no words are needed. This idea was accepted and tried during the first lockdown in the UK at QAF Space, it was called Crafting Alternative Futures then. Playing can lead to many things. Art. Thinking with Hands as a larp concept to collectively dream through the physicality of craft in our own space and the virtual connection at online conference settings. It was named, deliberated and developed in collaboration with the larp artist Nina Runa Essendrop. Crafting Alternative Futures, in the meantime, evolved along the design direction into an online workshop format for participatory speculative design, a technique to collectively construct narratives of the future by embracing the knowledge of our hands. Sessions of Crafting Alternative Futures were hosted at the Design Council in 2020 and as part of the Design Research Society's Festival of Emergence 2021. Thinking with Hands evolved into an IRL larp called Travel Though Texture to Parallel Realities, which premiered at The Smoke: London's International Larp Festival 2022. This is a simplified narrative, for when does knowledge or ideas start and end? The work continues...
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