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Stephanie Pau
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R e c e n t W o r k :
(Tomato et al) >
// waste, care and the un-spectacular (2020-) // latest on IG story highlight
P u b l i s h e d w o r k
XHealth Lab I, II, ? >
// participatory speculative design (2017-)
PREMIERE: 18 June 2022
Travel Through Texture to Parallel Realities >
// an abstract larp/social dreaming (2022) links to a broader set of work grouping under Thinking With Hands (2020-)
le petit planets >
// a slowly developing collective and collection of norms and storms (2020-)
studio andnand >
// a participatory futures studio (2020-)
E a r l i e r W o r k :
Sensory XD >
// a catwalk showcasing wearables for/about health (2017)
Edges of a World >
// a series of etching (2015-)
Galactic Fete >
// celebrating maker culture (2015)
Space Town Hall >
// non-extractive citizen science (2014-2016)
Travel Notes >
// a series of screenprint (2014)
E v e n E a r l i e r W o r k :
Affective Wardrobe
// MEng project on wearable HCI (2003-2004)
Connected Coffee Table
// Intern on IoT academic research before IoT was coined (2002-2004)
S e l e c t e d P u b l i c a t i o n s / T a l k s :
[1] Pau, Stephanie and Hall, Ashley, 2020, Journal Article, New spaces for healthcare futures studies: Connecting existing theory to deeper participatory practice Futures, 126. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0016-3287 [2] Pau, Stephanie and Hall, Ashley, 2020, Book Section, Beyond speculation: Using imperfect experts for designing the collective futures of healthcare for space In: Christer, Kirsty, Craig, Claire and Chamberlain, Paul, (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Design4Health, Amsterdam, 2020. Lab4Living, Sheffield, UK, pp. 45-54. ISBN 978-1-8381117-0-0 [3] Barron, Dominique; Coldicutt, Rachel; Pau, Stephanie and Williams, Anna, 2022, Report, Belonging, Care, and Repair - Possible, Plausible and Just Futures for Civil Society [4] Pau, Stephanie, 2022, Talk, Dressing for Extreme Environments. At ​London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London [5] Pau, Stephanie, 2021, Talk, Speculative Design and Futures Thinking. At Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London [6] Pau, Stephanie, 2020, Talk, Designing for Future Unknowns. At Royal College of Art, PhD Forum, part of Design Futures Seminar (online) [7] Pau, Stephanie, Buchheim, Judith-Irina, Freer, Daniel and Yang, Guang-Zhong, 2021, Book Chapter, Chapter 10 Futures of Human-Robot Interaction in Space In: Gao, Yang, (eds.) Space Robotics and Autonomous Systems - Technologies, advances and applications, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK. ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-225-2 [8] Pau, Stephanie, 2019, Talk, An Overview of Spacewear. At ​Royal College of Art, Textiles Futures [9] Pau, Stephanie, 2019, Poster, Humanity Centered Design. At Transformation Symposium, Intelligent Mobility Design Centre
(Tomato et al)
x H e a l t h l a b
Travel Through Texture to Parallel Realities
T h i n k i n g w i t h H a n d s
s t u d i o a n d n a n d
L e P e t i t P l a n e t s
Galactic Fête
Space Town Hall
Edges of a World
Travel Notes
Open to collaborations/commissions/sale of artworks, DM on Instagram @whereisfuture or email steph at andnand dot studio
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